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Cinderella 1983 Reviews

Local Paper Review

Panto charm is retained


In 49 years the Paignton Pantomime has lost none of its charm. Throughout the years, producers have strived to keep the town's panto as traditional as possible. This year is no exception as visitors to the refurbished Palace Avenue Theatre will discover. While Torquay pulls the crowds with big-name stars, the Paignton production wins through the obvious enthusiasm and dedication of everybody involved. This year it is the turn of one of the most popular pantos "Cinderella". Young Rachael Betteley takes her first principal role for Paignton Pantomime Productions as the down-trodden Cinders while Sarah Smith at last comes into the limelight as Prince Charming. However, ask the youngsters who their favourites are and a majority would probably shout "Namby and Pamby" - the Ugly Sisters. These two nasties, played by Peter Randall (of Town Crier fame) and Mike Williamson, soon to have the children yelling from the aisles - a good sign for any panto organiser. While the Paignton panto has its share of fun and frolics, it seems to have more than its fair share of singing. Some of the songs are excellent, especially with the chorus backing, but several are a little weak and hard to hear. Once again the scenery is superb and a special mention must be made of Cinderella's magical carriage. The music and dancing cannot be faulted. "Cinderella" will delight all those people who recognise the true meaning of panto - a group of people determined to spread some cheer and happiness. The Paignton pantomime runs until January 7th. J.L.

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