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From Cinderella to Mother Goose

It's now March, and preparations for this year's panto are in earnest. Cinderella was another amazing experience, and the incredible cast and crew worked flat out to produce one of the biggest and most successful shows we've ever put on.

Lydia Dockray, PPP's Chairperson, had this to say about Cinderella:

I am delighted to report that Paignton Pantomime Productions had another terrific Christmas run at the Palace. Cinderella is always such a magical show to put on and our audiences seemed to agree with us that we managed to get plenty of ooh! moments into the show, as well as lots of laughs for both adults and children. My particular favourite was our transformation scene – being able to reprise our flying coach, but this year with the addition of a flying fairy, an animated pumpkin-to-coach transformation, and a truly magical transforming dress for Cinderella herself.

So another great show, and some fantastic work from the whole team. There were some huge audiences this year. Cinderella is always a popular pantomime, but the PPP team was particulalrly pleased to see so many people walk through the doors at the Palace theatre.

Mother Goose

The PPP committee are now working feverishly to get Mother Goose ready for the run in December 2018. Even though it seems so far away, it takes a lot of work to get things in place before the the auditions in the summer.

Mother Goose is a show that PPP has performed a few times before. The last time was back in 2012.

Some familiar faces!

Before that, it was performed back in 1974.

To rather good reviews...

And before that, we brought Mother Goose to the stage in 1950...

It's going to be very exciting to present the story to our audiences in December. We'll keep you posted on the progress of our preparations and we can't wait to get started with the auditions.

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